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Learn more about Linn County and Johnson County projects. Make an impact by donating and engaging in the conversation about water quality in Iowa.

Linn County Projects

The Morgan Creek Wetland Project is a 35-acre addition to Morgan Creek Park that will include a network of wetlands, which will capture and clean water from E Avenue, adjacent neighborhoods and park impermeable surfaces. These wetland cells are foundational to sustainable development and will serve area storm water management needs as well as provide critical wildlife and aquatic habitat.

Fundraising Goal: $500,000


Linn County Learning Farm is a unique water quality project to restore one of the only known prairie pothole wetlands in Linn County. The project manages the surrounding watershed and tillable acres with conservation farming practices in partnership with numerous agencies and organizations. The Learning Farm will demonstrate economically viable ways to manage farmland while protecting the water, soil and wildlife resources critical to Iowa’s future.

Fundraising Goal: $1.7 million

Johnson County Projects

The Kent Park Lake Restoration project will improve water quality impacted by sediments and nutrient runoff while restoring and enhancing habitat and recreation activities in the lake. The 1,052-acre Johnson County park is considered one of the finest county parks in the state, providing aquatic habitat, fishing, swimming, hiking and other activities for human visitors.

Goal: $3.4 million


The Cedar River Crossing Wetland Restoration Project in Johnson County is the site of a 780-acre prairie wetland restoration project that will increase biodiversity, improve water quality and reconnect the Cedar River to its natural floodplain. The project will help reduce flooding as well as provide habitat to a vast array of waterfowl and game and non-game animal species.

Goal: $2.1 million

Immediate Concerns

We need clean water for:

Drinking | Recreation | Healthy Ecosystems | Healthy Economies | Healthy Communities


Direct and Indirect Benefits to You


  • Reduce your personal pollution footprint
  • Provide clean water for you and your kids to drink and play in
  • Save native wetland and aquatic wildlife habitat
  • Help future generations enjoy all Iowa has to offer

Direct and Indirect Benefits to You

Businesses and Organizations

  • Recruit & retain employees who value your efforts
  • Reduce your water and nitrogen footprints
  • Join other companies in Iowa’s Nutrient Reduction Strategy
  • Help protect Iowa tourism and recreation
  • Be seen as a leader in improving water quality